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GIN Safari 2 pilot and passenger

Публикувано на 13.09.2016

Introducing the Safari Pilot 2

The Safari Pilot is for both professional and leisure tandem pilots who are looking for a harness that’s lightweight, compact and easy-to-use.

The Safari Pilot weighs only 2.6kg (including moussebag) and is made of high quality, durable materials. It’s compact and streamlined, yet comfort in the air is excellent. There are no pressure points, even on longer flights.

Storage and pockets have been well thought-out. There are 2 new side pockets with loops for a selfie stick, besides a large back pocket with integrated radio pocket.

 The harness also includes improved safety features. Back protection is a 14cm moussebag and the dorsal rescue container is designed for rapid and easy deployment. The split leg design makes the harness easy to move with on the ground and easy to get into after take-off.

Technical Specifications

The Safari Pilot 2 is EN and LTF certified.

One Size

Weight (kg) 2.6

 Height of attachment points (cm) 42

 Carabiner distance (cm) 34-46


 The Safrai Pilot 2 has EN and LTF certification, max load 120 DaN Safari Pilot 2 harness: (EN/LTF) EAPR-GZ-0493/16

 Parachute container

Integrated container behind seat

Back protection

 14cm mousse bag

Delivery package

1 Harness

 1 Rescue deployment handle

 2 GIN 30mm carabiners

 1 Foam back protector

Safari 2 passenger

Features and innovation

Split leg

The split leg design is based on the original Safari. We carefully designed the split leg system for comfortable take-off. The split leg design makes entering the harness after take-off very simple and safe for the passenger allowing the pilot more time to focus on a clean launch and not worrying about the comfort of their passenger

 Back protection

The Safari Passenger 2 features a newly designed back protector. Made with extra durable materials and a newly designed skid guard. Special attention was made to ensure the back protector passed our GIN safety standard. Like all of GIN’s airbag harnesses, the Safari Passenger 2 passes both the pre-inflation and flight simulation shock test. This ensures the safest harness for both lanching and landing even if the airbag is not fully inflated.

 Forward air inflation

The safari passenger features a forward air inlet system for fast inflation of the back protection. The split leg geometry of the harness allows for easy inflation without the passengers legs blocking the air inlet.

Skid guard

 On the bottom of the aribag we have added an improved skid guard to protect the harness in the event of a rough landing or repeated landings on a rough surface. This extra, heavy duty fabric can be easily removed and replaced if ever worn or damaged. It can also be easily removed tol allow access to the airbag inlet for simple debris removal.

Safety handles

 When launching in strong conditions it is helpfull to have a helping hand on the ground to ensure a safe launch. The Red webbing loop handles on the sides of the passenger harness are ideal for helpers to safely control the harness before launch.

Velcro shoulder straps

Located on both shoulders straps of the passenger harness are Velcro strips and attachment loops. This allows an excellent position for flight insturments or a POV (point of view) camera mount.



The Safari Passenger 2 is EN and LTF certified. Certification number: EAPR-GZ-0494/16

One Size

 Weight (kg) 1.7

Delivery package

 1 Harness

 2 GIN 30mm carabiners